New game, only on Google Play for now.

2016-03-12 16:03:10 by facundomounes

The GDC (Game Developers Conference) is around the corner, and one of the objectives was to publish this game before it. It was a good target, as it gave me enough motivation for a game otherwise I doubt I was able to finish. I still can believe I was able to, I'm not proficient in programming, so I'm proud.

I want to port it for Newgrounds soon after the GDC, with trophies and all that, so I can familiarize with the API. Meanwhile, you can enjoy Snake Eyes Dungeon on Google Play:

Grpahics by Roque Rey OrdoƱez, sound Christian Fernando Perucchi & Luis Monrocle.


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2016-03-13 19:45:16

Looks pretty cool, I might just give this a try!

facundomounes responds:

Thanks! Let me know if you find anything broken :)