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4500+ Plays on Story Time!

2016-02-06 22:30:20 by facundomounes

Wow, 4500+ plays for Story Time! Front page!

I made this little game on 48 HS for Global Game Jam 2016 (theme: Ritual), and I'm very proud of it for many reasons. First because Is the first *game-game* I have coded and done the art for (besides some little experiments there and there, but with much minimal art), but mainly, because is based on the bedtime stories with my son and his reactions.

It was so well received (out of Newgrounds too!) that definitely I will expand the concept. Many ideas flowing for it, I hope I can made a sequel in the next months.


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2016-02-06 23:28:24

Your game was amazing, man! Really cute.

facundomounes responds:



2016-02-07 16:56:58

I want to wish you good luck, and whatever you were able to conquer Newgrounds power of cute!
Good luck and keep creating!
Monty the Klown.

facundomounes responds:

<3 !